About us :

The school was begun on 11th of June 2014 Wednesday for the first Academic year. With the blessings of our Father Founder J.E.Arulraj and with the support of Sr. Gnana Selvam DMI, the DFT Managing Trustee and Sr. Jehani the correspondent of DFT schools.

Objectives :

The School shows the remarkable Commitment to groom the Child to be mentally, emotionally and physically fit. It aims to provide quality education to excel in his / her chosen field and face global challenges. In order to guide and advise on school matters and its growth, the Board is guided by the highly experienced educationists and professionals. The Board meets periodically and discusses overall development of the school and chalks out strategies to meet the growing demands of the time.

Our Motto :

Our motto was made by the prayerful approach and dynamic leadership of Our Founder, Manager and Correspondent as “Fully Human and Fully Alive”

Our Vision :

"A disciplined life with a spiritual base and excellence of men and matters is a right of every child to grow into a powerful citizen of this country"

Our Mission :

To create a system of education where all children get access to quality education of their choice and our educational aim at forming leaders who are intellectually competent, spiritually mature, morally upright, psychologically integrated, physically healthy and socially acceptable who will be champion and the cause of justice, love, truth, peace and who are ever open to further growth.

Spiritual and Moral Values :

Faith in God.

Discipline & Confidence.


Cleanliness & Purity.

Devotion to Duty.

Scientific Temperament.

Sense of Humanism.

To build up the character of students and to have faith in God and His providence in life on the basis of the noble aspects of our culture and to make them understand the true significance of religion, moral instruction and religious lessons are offered to all the students. As a part of this programme, meditations, prayer sessions, seminars etc. are arranged periodically.

Physical Goals

Sports and Games

Social and Cultural Values

Sports and Games are importance in the School. All the major indoor and outdoor games are taught to the Students. Sports club encourage all round development of students and a number of inter school competitions are conducted. To facilitate the sports training the following infrastructure are provides: Karate, Silambam, Yoga and Meditation Classes.

Music Classes :

Classes are organized to teach the children Guitar, Drums Keyboard singing.

Bharathanatyam Classes :

Bharatganatyam Classes are conducted for Girl Students regularly by an efficient teacher.


The School follows the House System to round the staff and the entire student into four houses, as. Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Each house has Guide staff, Students Captain, vice Captain and a group of students, who help in the maintenance and layout of the House. There should be a healthy competitive spirit among the houses to excel in students, games, athletes and other co-curricular activities.

Social And Cultural Values :

To guide each student toward a personal relationship with society

To offer a quality coeducational program is both God centered and educationally sound.

To provide learning experiences which develop the student's maximum spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and emotional potential.

To prepare students for life in this world and the eternal which they will one day enter.

To meet the individual needs of the student through utilization of proper placement, ability grouping where appropriate, and continuing guidance regarding the ongoing selection of a student's course of study.

To strive for continuity of learning throughout the system this avoids excessive repetition as well as skips in the logical progression of subject content from level to level.

To instill in students a respect for God and their parents.

To foster an attitude of personal responsibility for one's actions.

To equip students to be able to make sound decisions based on high moral and ethical standards.

To develop within each child a healthy, respectable self image.